We apply solid scientific and acoustical principles to address legal disputes

BRC uses expertise and the science of acoustics to address audibility, sound level assessment,  and liability issues related to sound.

Expert analysis by an expert witness

BRC’s acoustical consultants have advanced degrees in acoustics, apply the highest professional standards, and have extensive field experience. As expert witnesses, we examine, evaluate, and replicate specific conditions in order to help understand disputed circumstances with acoustical dimensions.

William K. Nakamura Courthouse

Seattle, WA


Little Rock Sand & Gravel

Tumwater, WA


Bellevue City Hall

Bellevue, Washington


Forensic acoustical services you can trust

We provide services in:

  • Measurement and analysis
  • Peer review services
  • Expert witness testimony

Examples of our work:

  • We have assessed ambulance audibility and presented expert witness testimony in a trial setting
  • We have examined construction defects in several condos to evaluate code compliance and determine whether appropriate design and construction was used for acoustical control
  • We have investigated the acoustical aspects of aircraft and vehicle accidents
  • We have evaluated and testified in legal proceedings regarding neighborhood noise disputes
  • We have replicated the acoustics of lethal force incidents such as gunshots as well as the audibility of vocal warnings at crime scenes
  • We have measured interior and exterior noise levels from aircraft overflights and evaluated the residential design and construction for appropriate noise control


Authoritative analysis by acoustical experts

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