Architectural acoustics shape how 
we experience a space

The acoustical environment has a major impact on how a space feels, communicates, and interacts with the people inside it.

High-quality architectural acoustics support sound integrity in any space

At BRC, we’ve worked in churches, multi-family residential, convention centers, high-rise towers, and major hotels to optimize the building performance and its occupants’ experience.

Medical University of South Carolina Clinic

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


McCarver Elementary School

Tacoma, Washington


Future of Flight Aviation Center

Mukilteo, Washington


Architectural acoustics create optimal 
listening environments

Working with architects, engineers, and building owners, BRC acoustical consultants optimize environments through the analysis and design of all factors affecting buildings’ interior acoustics: sound isolation, the control of reverberation and reflections, HVAC noise control, and sound quality in performance and presentation spaces.

We provide services in:

  • Room acoustics; including shaping, sizing, structures, and finishes
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Impact noise and vibration control
  • Sound isolation

What our acoustical consultants do:

  • We work with your team to design room size, shaping, proportion, and interior finishes to optimize reverberant sound levels and room modal response
  • We use computer modeling to provide strategic architectural design
  • We provide precise recommendations to control reverberant sound, providing speech clarity as well as warmth and reverberance in musical performance spaces
  • We evaluate room adjacencies so you can group compatible uses together — or we design for sound control between incompatible uses
  • We provide designs for exterior wall, roof, and window constructions as well as interior wall, floor, and ceiling constructions to isolate sound and prevent unwanted sound intrusion


Sound Experience

We design for people.

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