Le Creuset Headquarters

Our Client

Le Creuset Headquarters Charleston, South Carolina

The Project

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Audiovisual Design
  • Mechanical Noise Control

  • Project Architect: LS3P Associates Ltd.


“The acoustics are wonderful in the new facility, and your AV expertise has helped us make this project the success that it has become.”

– Cameron Wilson, Principal, LS3P

Our Role

This facility in Charleston, SC, which opened in 2013, is Le Creuset’s North American marketing headquarters and culinary center. It features both a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen for cooking classes and private spaces for approximately 24 marketing and design professionals. The demonstration kitchen includes a full audiovisual suite that allows those observing in person to see all that takes place in the kitchen from their seats and also enables streaming programming to audiences around the world. The conference space includes full video teleconferencing capability to keep the Charleston office in touch with other Le Creuset locations in the U.S. and abroad in real time.

BRC’s design for architectural acoustics included

    reverberant sound control for the

    • lobby,
    • open office spaces,
    • the main conference room,
    and sound isolation for

    • private offices,
    • the main conference room.

In this regard, the main conference room posed a particular challenge. The featured glass walls and doors were highly sound-reflective surfaces, enhancing unwanted reverberant sound. In addition, as a video conference space, room acoustics were a critical design requirement for clear communication. The solution included a specialty acoustical ceiling finish that provided the needed sound absorption with a visual appearance consistent with the exceptionally high quality of all interior finishes. 

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