Bethany Community Church

Our Client

The Miller Hull Partnership

The Project

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Mechanical Noise Control
  • Environmental Noise Analysis
  • Audiovisual Systems Design

The 15,000 sq. ft. church facility supports a wide variety of worship styles from traditional to contemporary, and a wide range of technical capabilities, including sound recording, audio playback, sound amplification, and video projection.

Our Role

BRC worked closely with the architect and church to meet the project goals through architectural acoustic design, mechanical and environmental noise control, and audiovisual systems design. The acoustics of the sanctuary effectively support not only Sunday morning worship services, but also concerts and community events. BRC’s audiovisual design moved the church from an analog to a digitally-based sound system that allows their chief sound engineer to open or restrict control of the sound systems as needed. In addition, a Left-Center-Right approach for the loudspeaker clusters was used. The front wall of the sanctuary is a major architectural feature of the room; rather than going with a traditional projection screen, BRC specified a painted projection surface that was marked off by an architectural steel feature.


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