The PONCHO Forum Renovation

Our Client

Fisher Dachs Associates, New York / OR Architects, Seattle

The Project

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Mechanical Noise Control
  • Audiovisual Systems Design

The PONCHO Forum, often called the heart of Seattle Repertory Theatre (“the Rep”), is a black box performance, rehearsal, and meeting venue. The name derives from the philanthropic organization that provided initial funding for the Rep after the 1962 World’s Fair at Seattle Center, Patrons of Northwest Civic, Cultural, and Charitable Organizations (PONCHO).

The Rep makes the Forum available as a creative space to all non-profit organizations at little to no cost.

Our Role

BRC’s role in the renovation included design for architectural acoustics, mechanical noise control for appropriate background sound levels, and an extensive upgrade to the audiovisual systems. Architectural acoustic design included interior shaping, optimizing the acoustical response from the new telescoping seating, sound isolation, and reverberant sound control. A unique feature of the acoustical design was the development of a system of custom wood slat diffusors placed on the side walls to eliminate distracting sound focusing that was apparent in the space and identified by the SRT team. The slats are spaced and oriented to break up flutter echo and eliminate acoustical “hot spots”, and to allow visitors in the adjacent corridor to observe rehearsals without being a visual distraction for the performers.


BRC | Acoustics & Audiovisual Design